Resistance Band Workouts for Chest

NU FIZEEK's Resistance Band Workouts for Chest Will Build Muscle and Get Your Pecs Shredded

Having a strong chest isn't just for aesthetics. Sure we all want impressive, toned pecs, but anyone who's looking to improve their FIZEEK should realise having a powerful chest will be the foundation on which you can build a stronger, better you. The team at NU FIZEEK, have put together the ultimate resistance band workouts for chest.  Like any physical training regime, the key to building the ultimate version of your body is in having a great balance of exercises.

Strong Chests Aren't Just For the Macho-Man

Ladies this is for you too! You can't afford to avoid chest training. Don't listen to the myths convincing the masses that women have no need to work on building pecs. Working your chest will allow you to train more holistically and give you the platform to work out more efficiently and achieve your physical goals.


How Will Resistance Band Workouts Help Me?

Strong pecs on any body type look fantastic and encourage better posture and upper body function, but should not be strengthened at the expense of other muscles. Overtraining chest and ignoring other upper body muscles like your shoulders or your back could result in the opposite of your desired outcome - tight chest muscles can pull your shoulders forward and give you a slouched back. Good news is, here at NU FIZEEK we have put together 7 of the best exercises for the ultimate resistance band workouts for chest. But first...

Chest-Building 101

Your chest muscles are some of the largest and most used muscles in your body. Made up of the pectoralis major and minor, the chest is imperative to the function of the shoulder and flexion, adduction or rotation of the upper arm. Building a strong chest is a big motivator for many men and women. Any movement that involves internal rotation (think arm wrestling), adduction (lifting your arm from the side) and flexion (lifting and pushing your arms from the front) benefit from having a strong chest. 



Benefits of Resistance Band Training


You've heard the moniker, You've got a door, you've got a gym. Forget all the expensive home gym equipment that breaks or gathers dust and rust, resistance band workouts are an athletes best friend and will attack the entire muscle region you are working. With resistance bands, you can workout anywhere, anytime. Bust out a quick set of resistance band chest pushups on a lunch break at work, or do a lower chest-busting set of low fly's while you are waiting for your pizza to get delivered. Only kidding, your brown rice takes a while to boil right? 



Resistance bands offer a workout that is more authentic to human movement. Any muscle that can be trained in a gym, can be targeted just as accurate if not more with a resistance band exercise. There are so many ways you can use resistance bands to workout! Check out these 9 reasons to use resistance bands to workout. They increase flexibility, improve strength and athletic performance, decrease the chance of injury and stabilize/stimulate body regions such as your core which is vital to balance and general muscle performance. Resistance band workouts usually end up with you working harder on completion of the exercise. This is different from usual weight-based exercises in the gym and gives you the opportunity to work different pinch points and turn up the difficulty on different stages in your range of motion.

Resistance band workouts are getting increasingly popular, with athletes, fitness models and bodybuilders all benefiting from these resistance band workouts you can do anywhere. Check out our NU BOOTY BAND BUNDLE now and make everyday leg day. 


Resistance band training is for everyone. For the seasoned performance athlete looking to get their chest muscles bulging to the individual coming back from injury and wanting effective rehabilitation, using a resistance band puts you in control. Confused how to use your resistance band? It's easy. Just adjust your grip on the band or add a band with heavier tension to achieve the desired goal of your resistance band workout.

The options for effective resistance band workouts are endless, get creative! Use a tree in the park, a door in your house or simply your own body. Once you have learnt the fundamentals of resistance band workouts, you will be able to get the blood pumping and muscles growing within minutes.




Want to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time? It's not a myth. In fact, it is entirely possible with resistance band workouts. Here's how you can use resistance bands to lose weight. The dynamic movement the bands force you to do invigorate targeted muscle areas while increasing your heart-rate much more then weight exercise's do. Pair this with higher reps and multiple sets, and you are destined for the shred zone. Keeping your heart-rate steadily raised while simultaneously working muscle groups will result get you toned and shredded in no time. 




The natural and more authentic movements that come with resistance band training make them an excellent medium to improve flexibility and decrease your chances of industry. Whether you are looking for a brutal resistance band workouts for chest like the one mentioned below or for an effective warmup routine, resistance bands will help you get there. It is no longer coveted knowledge that being flexible is great for your health and doing full-body workouts with bands is your one-way ticket to improving flexibility in your body! Try incorporating this total body stretching routine with resistance bands before your resistance band workouts for chest to become more flexible and decrease your chance of injury.



With our NU BOOTY KIT on sale at $80.00, resistance band-based workouts have never been more affordable. Several other retailers offer resistance bands in Australia for all levels of price, making this method of training a great way to get fit for less! The added benefit of being able to workout anytime and anywhere means you no longer have to spend time and money getting to and from the gym - you can just squeeze in a killer workout in your neighbourhood park or living room! 

Now for the good stuff. Check out NU FIZEEK's resistance band workouts for chest that'll build muscle and get you shredded below...

Resistance Bands Workouts for Chest

This resistance band workouts for chest can be adjusted to your needs, but we guarantee it'll give you a stronger, more defined chest! We recommend pushing yourself to failure in as many of these exercises as possible, but you should aim to find a balance of resistance which allows yourself to push out a high amount of reps. Everybody is different - just make sure to push yourself! 


If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Pushups are tried and tested and are a sure-fire way too getting a ripped chest! Resistance pushups should be a staple in everybody's resistance band chest workouts - they get results. Readjust the band resistance by adjusting your grip to change the level of workout you desire. Tuck your chin, lengthen your neck, and try to keep your elbows from flaring to ensure maximum workload on your chest. Remember to keep your core engaged and exhale on the way up while exerting the most force. 


Chest Fly's are a fantastic way to target the entire chest in an exercise that will definitely get your pecs burning! Wrap your resistance band around a solid structure like a tree or a pole and make sure to have a solid stance with your feet shoulder-width apart and your centre of gravity running down your middle point. Make sure the bands are anchored at shoulder height to ensure an even banded chest fly. You can adjust the origin height of the band, but this is for the next exercise! Have a look at the video below for more great tips and guides on form when performing this exercise.


Looking to build the elusive upper chest area? This is the exercise for you! Get rippling defined chest muscles with this resistance band chest exercise. Place your resistance band around the base of a tree or low down in a closed door such as in the video below. To adjust the tension on the band simply step closer or further away from your anchor and get pressing! Do 3 sets to failure with this chest burning exercise.


 You can do this next killer exercise in our resistance band chest workout standing or kneeling. Kneeling is recommended for those looking for the extra burn that comes with engaging your core. Simply place the band around your back and adjust your grip higher or lower down the band for your desired resistance. Push your fists out and across your body towards your opposite elbow. Alternate which hand comes across on top for even distribution of workload on your chest. Do this 3 sets to failure. 


These Low Band Fly's are one of the favourites amongst the NU FIZEEK team and feature in all of our resistance band workouts for chest aimed to build muscle and get you shredded. The unique burn the low fly gives on the lower and central chest is exactly what we are looking for when we are trying to build an all-round strong and toned chest. Place your feet shoulder-width apart on your band and keeping your back straight and core engaged, bring the bands straight up in front of you. Do not bend your elbows like a bicep curl - instead, aim to squeeze your pecs together and touch your fists out in front of you. Keep your chest up and out and be careful not to slouch your back. 


Engage your shoulders and upper chest in this awesome resistance band chest exercise. Again anchor your band around a tree or pole and stand side on a desired resistance distance away from your anchor. Keep proper posture and engage your abdominals as you press across your front. Ensure your elbow stays on the same plane of motion - try imagining you are reaching across your body to pick up a glass of water. You should feel the burn in your upper/central chest and anterior deltoids. 


Finish off this fat-burning, chest shredding resistance band workouts for chest with an alternating single-arm press. Remember the brutal incline press at the start of this workout? What goes up, must come down baby! It is time for you to finish off this workout targeting your lower chest. Attach your resistance band to your anchor above head height, and, keeping your core engaged and your neck neutral do sets of 15 on alternating arms. Press the band out in front of you on a gradual decline - your first should end up in line with your torso just under your pectoralis minor. Get 3 sets in on each arm! 



NU FIZEEK's resistance band workouts for chest is guaranteed to get you feeling the burn and building those chest muscles! With studies showing the increasing use cases for resistance bands and more and more athletes implementing them in their daily training regimes, there is no denying just how beneficial resistance bands are when sculpting your desired body! Train smart with NU FIZEEK. All of these workouts mean nothing if you do not look after your body and you get injured. Stay hydrated and keep yourself protected while you're working out and blend style with functionality with NU FIZEEK's state-of-the-art clothing range. Shop His and Hers now!


We understand. Sometimes you sleep through the alarm and don't have time for a full resistance band workout for chest. Maybe you had a few too many drinks with friends or you have been under the pump at work on a new project. Life is complicated. This super-set resistance chest burner isn't.

Make sure you are set up near an anchor point for your resistance band as you will be going straight into the next exercise after the previous one. 3 exercises. 30 seconds each exercise. 3 sets. Let's get it.  


30 seconds on, max pushups. If you need to go to your knees to continue getting the reps in, do it! If you need to pause at the bottom for a moment to bust out the next rep, do it! The beautiful simplicity of pushups. No pain no gain. 




Stand straight up from your resistance band pushups and get straight into your low fly's! Standing on your band with your feet shoulder-width apart, bring your fists up in front of you, keeping your arms straight and your chest pumped out. Engage your chest at the top of the motion and feel the pinch in the fly. Picture trying to hold a pencil in between your pecs! Your firsts should end up perpendicular to your body and inline with your chest. 30 seconds of maximum effort! 

 Resistance-band-low-flys-chest-workout-man-with-white-singlet low flys



Immediately slide the resistance band up your anchor point and get into your chest fly's. Make sure the band is horizontal with the ground and you're bringing your fists to meet in front of you in line with your chest. Really focus on squeezing your chest together as if you were trying to hold a pen between your pecs. Feel the pinch and release. 30 seconds of maximum effort, perfect form! 



Congratulations On Finishing NU FIZEEK's Resistance Band Workouts for Chest

That is no easy feat! As they say, the only bad workout is the one that didn't happen, so good on you for jumping at it. Every rep you bust out, every set you go just a little harder in, those are the small changes that will lead you to building your dream NU FIZEEK. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the unofficial President of Bodybuilding. The creator of workouts. Here are some words of wisdom from the man himself if you don't already have a post-workout smile on your face.

 “The only way to be a champion is by going through these forced reps and the torture and pain. That’s why I call it the torture routine. Because it’s like forced torture. Torturing my body. What helps me is to think of this pain as pleasure. Pain makes me grow. Growing is what I want. Therefore, for me pain is pleasure. And so when I am experiencing pain I’m in heaven. It’s great. People suggest this is masochistic. But they’re wrong. I like pain for a particular reason. I don’t like needle’s stuck in my arm. But I do like the pain that is necessary to be a champion.”

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